funeral arrangement servicesDeath is a topic that no one likes to discuss, let alone plan for. We understand that this topic is very uncomfortable to discuss, but arrangements should be planned for well in advance of your death. When done properly, pre-planning can give you peace of mind because your funeral wishes are written down and in most cases, funds are set aside.

By pre-planning your funeral, you can:

  • Make your wishes known.
  • Make all the arrangements during a time of peace and lessen the burden on your family members during their time of grief.
  • Control the cost of your funeral and protect from inflation.
  • Ensure that personal records are organized and easy for your survivors to locate.
  • Protect your insurance so that it provides for your survivors and not for funeral expenses.
  • Provide protection in case the need arises before it is expected.

Pre-planning your funeral can be as simple as writing down your preferences and sharing your wishes with a family member. More formal arrangements in the form of a pre-need contract can be set up with us. To set up a pre-arrangement conference, where Mercer Brothers Funeral Home can walk you through the entire pre-planning process, please contact us today at

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